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Write What You Know

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Ok, back to the topic at hand….writing what you know.

When it comes to writing, I try to follow some of the most common advice you might find around the web – make it interesting, show, don’t tell, do your research, and read, read, read. I have found one particular piece of advice to be much more useful than the above. It is simple. So simple in fact, I would bet that every writer does it.

Write what you know.

That’s it.

Now, I know about many things, as I’m sure you do as well. But I like to write about what I know and understand. Sure I could write anything given enough research material, but the best part about this advice for me is that what I know is why I write.

See, I know tragedy. I know loss and pain. I know darkness. I know what it is to be lost. I know what it is to regret mistakes and bad choices. I know what it is to doubt my own worth.

What I also know is light. I know grace. I know forgiveness and I know hope.

I know the world can lie to us but God never will.

I know it is a wasted effort to try and save ourselves.

Most importantly, I know that there is no greater peace than surrendering my hurt, my anger, my feelings of betrayal, and my grief to God and that makes me know freedom.

So, I will continue to write what I know because it is my hope that those experiences that I’ve dramatized into fiction but help someone else, because they sure changed me.

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