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Make Writing a Priority by Eliminating These 4 Things

4 Surprising Things to Get Rid of When You Just Don’t Have the Time


Most writers will say that writing itself is a priority in their lives, but is it really? What holds the seasoned writer back from penning a new novel every month? The answers can be numerous and complicated, but here are 4 surprising time-suckers to get rid of if you find yourself slacking—and no, none of them are Netflix—I’d never suggest such a thing!

Get rid of what doesn’t matter.

Sometimes this might mean letting the bathroom sit a day before its next scheduled cleaning. Let yourself be immersed in your writing without worry and distraction. When planning a block of time to write, don’t rush just to get to other chores. Its completely fine if your family eats an ordered pizza once in a while. Think of all the things you accomplish in a day and write them down. Does each activity really matter more to you than writing? If not, identify where you can make cuts…and do it!

Get rid of negativity.

Many of us have family and friends who support us. But some of us have at least one Negative Nancy in our lives who just doesn’t get it. Or, maybe they do get it, and they really just don’t want you to succeed. The psychology for why people do this is so far outside my ballpark, I’m not even going to go there. Ask yourself if everyone around you is really for you? Is anyone bringing you down? Personally, I’ll cut a toxic person out of my life faster than their legs can carry them. But that’s me. If you have negative people in your life who bring you down about your writing-simply don’t discuss it with them anymore. You don’t need their opinion or validation. Believe it or not, when we look at things optimistically, we tend to get a lot more done.

Get rid of doubt.

This sort of goes along with negativity. Perhaps ignoring a negative person’s opinion will also eliminate your doubt. But if it’s self-doubt you’re struggling with (and I think that applies to every writer in existence) then that can really eat up your time and impact your productivity when it comes to writing. When we doubt ourselves or feel we will fail, we tend to become big-time procrastinators. Believe in yourself and your abilities. You can and will do this- but only if you actually take the time to do it!

Get rid of expectations.

Some writers try to meet word count goals and then wallow in the depths of despair when they’ve spent 4 hours staring at a screen and have less that 500 words to show for it. It’s been said time and time again—any writing is good writing, at least in practice. If you’re writing, you’re creating. And the more you create, the better those creations become. Give yourself a break. So what if you only hit 50 words yesterday? Those 50 words might be someone’s favorite line in your book one day! Keep going and give yourself room to be flexible.

I realize we could dive into this much more deeply than we have, but I think you’ll find if you rid yourself of these things, you might just have a little more mental room for that next chapter.

How do you prioritize your writing? What holds you back? Let me know in the comments!


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