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Joy in the Morning


Quite a few experts in the field of writing say to find a time that works best for you and stick to it. That’s easier said than done for us working writers.

By working writers, I mean those of us who work a job, raise a family, or have other commitments besides getting to wake up and write all day.

And I’m pretty sure that encompasses most of us.

I find the morning to be the best time for me, creatively speaking. Considering I’m due to work at 7:00 AM, that isn’t always possible. So, I’ve found a compromise. Instead of taking advantage of weekend mornings for extra sleep, I rise early, about 5:00 AM, grab a steaming cup of coffee, and get to work.

The first part of that work is prayer. I know I need guidance with my work and I’m developing a habit of requesting that from God daily.

Once I feel properly equipped, I find the sweet song of morning birds coupled with a soft background of classical music really gets me into the world of my characters.

Every day is new, perhaps that’s why mornings hold such a tranquil hold on my heart. Because with each new day, comes the possibility of new stories, new ideas, and new blessings.

What time of day do you find yourself the most productive?

(image credit @peaceforthestorm)


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