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Writing Tips for Busy Authors

Welcome to Tick-Tock, Writer’s Block. We hope you will find this 10-week series informative as we dive into time management and that little annoyance that seems to plague all writers from time to time, writer’s block.

10 writers have teamed up to offer you tips, tricks, and general information about these issues. We hope this series provides insight and useful tools you can put into practice with your own writing habits!

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Writing Tips for Busy Authors from The Old-Fashioned Everything Girl

1. Walk, don’t run!

Having just come through a busy season in my life as an author, I believe it is so important to simply keep moving forward at a pace that is sustainable.  As Indie Authors, we take on the work of an entire publishing house made of many departments.  In other words, the workload is huge; the budget is small; stakes are high; the mission is lofty; and ideas and possibilities, endless!   The tendency I fight is to run when most of the time, I really need to just walk and allow the Lord to lead me according to John 14:27!  (Peace, not as the world gives!)

I find myself in busy periods when everything is clicking.  Doors for exposure and marketing opportunities often open in bursts and spurts during seasons which sometimes leave me drained. This can be particularly challenging when writing at the same time– and so often on deadlines.  I have found that it helps to be choosy, to take time to prayerfully consider which opportunities are best, and to keep an organized calendar.  My zeal has at times led me into dangerous territory where I am not able to do anything well.   I try to remember to pull back and put things in perspective through prayer and wisdom.  I believe authors must work smarter, not harder.  Realistic planning and goal setting, re-evaluating, and taking time to refresh are critical elements for me as a writer.  I find it imperative to clear the slate often…  step back, refresh in God’s presence, apply wisdom, adjust my focus accordingly, and work at doing what is the most important.  That can include saying no to some things, postponing some ideas until the time is right, and trying not to bite off more than I can chew.

2. Enjoy the journey!

I think this is one of the most significant tips about being an author.  If we are enjoying what we do, we are doing something right.  Our readers will sense this, our friends will, and so will our family members.   If there is anything that is destroying this particular aspect of being a writer for me, I try to identify it quickly and find solutions that keep the journey fun and rewarding.

3. Pablo is your friend!

Planning some of my marketing posts for social sites ahead of time and scheduling them to post automatically with Hootsuite or Pablo by buffer have been invaluable time saver tools for me since I wear many hats as a busy mother, wife, and writer.  My husband laughs with me when I tell him “Pablo” is my writing friend.  The Lord is my number one, and my family are next, but it doesn’t hurt to have some software genius on my side!   These tools have allowed me to continue writing, homeschooling, and keeping up with my daily to do list while maintaining/building a platform and an online presence.  I recommend planning no more than about one week of posts to keep relevant, but these tools are wonderful for the busy writer who cannot be everywhere at one time.

4. Take care of yourself!

I believe it is so important to live balanced.  This is the hardest thing for me to actually make happen, but I find it vital.  My goals include taking time to get plenty of rest, being in church weekly whenever possible, exercising 3 or 4 times a week, eating healthy foods, refreshing through daily devotional time, doing some things for myself, and spending adequate time with family and friends.  I try to take time to read books, go shopping with my mom and daughter, take walks at the park, jump on the treadmill, have lunch or dinner with a writer friend or family member from time to time, watch a great movie with my husband once a week, etc.  It’s really hard for me to keep these things balanced, but establishing a routine helps… and getting back on track when I feel writing world wreaking havoc.

5. Invest in learning the writing trade!

I have found there are a tremendous number of free online seminars that provide great content, wisdom, advice, tips, and a plethora of help for writers.  These were total game changers for me and have helped me blossom from “brand new and don’t have a clue” to professional, growing, seasoned, and goal oriented.  These have never been a waste of my time.  I take notes, learn a lot, and really enjoy each one.  I’ve also joined two Christian writing organizations and regularly attend meetings whenever I can.  I’ve made writing/author friends who have helped me with questions and strengthened my writing mission.

6. Stay organized and plan!

It has really helped me to purchase a great calendar each year and to create an annual marketing plan based on my broader marketing plan.  I take time to re-evaluate these often.  I have a list of goals and some idea of how to accomplish these goals.  I plan marketing sales and promotions; which types of organizations I’m going to contact; how many books I’m planning to write each year; and many other goals.  My marketing plan and goals are broad and make sense for me.  This has helped me develop my platform and grow in many areas.  Some of my goals include growing my email reader list, getting my books into more libraries, and translating my books into other languages.

Conclusion:  Keep it fun and manageable!

Happy writing to all fellow writers out there with the writing bug!  I hope you find my tips helpful! – Lisa

Lisa Prysock



Lisa M. Prysock lives in the countryside of beautiful, rolling Kentucky just outside of the greater Louisville area near horse farms and four board fences with her husband of 19 years.  She homeschools the two youngest of their five children (three grown).  She and her husband live in an average, two story, Colonial style home they are continually updating– with a funny looking Heinz 57 dog; an adorably dainty lady cat; two teenagers; a vegetable garden; numerous flower beds; and a tree house undergoing a remodel.  When not in teaching or writing mode, she is teaching herself to play the piano and violin.  In regards to that, she laughs:  “It’s a pretty painful process, but I’m truly enjoying it!”

Lisa loves all things old-fashioned and has adopted a slogan of “The Old-Fashioned Everything Girl.”  A few of her interests and passions include doll houses, long dresses and hats, gardening, reading the Classics, butterflies, swimming, walking, working out, cooking, sewing, crochet, cross stitching, arts and crafts, scrapbooking, decorating, and drawing.  Recently, her husband remodeled a room in their home with a picture window overlooking a valley which contains a creek and wooded area, transforming the space into a serene and sublime writing office/sewing room.  “It’s a great source of peace and inspiration for me… and pure joy not to be writing from the busy kitchen amidst the household chaos on a laptop.  Growing teenagers eating every five minutes makes for a constant stream of happenings!”

The Shoemaker

booklisaprysockThe delightfully entertaining story of an impoverished vicar’s daughter, born the youngest of four daughters and one son… Miss Catherine Edwina Lyndon finds she has no other choice than to accept hand-me-down dresses and one delayed, broken dream after another; all whilst her parents make every possible effort to attract husbands for her three older sisters. They spend every extra shilling with this in mind. Her three sisters are now “out” in fashionable society, but Vicar Lyndon is old-fashioned and won’t permit Catherine the same opportunities until at least one or two of her sisters are wed.

Catherine has grown so accustomed to being overlooked, she doesn’t realize her hopes lay on a pile of wasted dreams when she sacrifices the desire for a marriage and family of her own. She is barely holding onto the idea of championing the cause of education reform for women across England after being denied a bold request for entry to a leading university. Aggravated by a contentious new sister-in-law, she escapes the confines of a sheltered life at home in the countryside of Essex by journeying to Northampton. There, she accepts the position of companion to the daughters of an aristocratic family.

Amidst a household full of silly young ladies visiting the daughters of the peerage recently out of mourning, many sent for the holiday by their mothers with their eyes on the handsome older brother now in possession of the Duke’s title, will mercy look down and make a miracle for her this year at Christmas? If so, what situations and who will be the catalysts and antagonists mercy chooses to use?

This novel includes a Regency Glossary and illustrations, shines a brief spotlight on William Law (Church of England priest, writer, and theologian who inspired the evangelical Wesley brothers), Charles Wesley (a leading voice in the founding of the Methodist church and writer of over 6,000 hymns), and Richard Baxter (Puritan leader, theologian, and writer of the 1600’s).

You can contact Lisa and learn more about her by visiting her website, Twitter, and Facebook page !


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